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Service Center

PART 145 Approval

Hradecká Letecká Servisní s.r.o. (HLS) is an organization specialized in the maintenance and repairs of Daher /Socata TBM, Cirrus, Piper, Cessna and Bristell aircraft. It has been approved according to EASA PART 145, which means that it meets the strictest standards and requirements for the quality of the work performed. PART 145 approval allows HLS to maintain not only aircraft operated privately (under NCO) and in special operations mode (under SPO), but also aircraft of licensed air carriers (AOC holders). The company itself emphasizes aviation safety first, and compliance with all work procedures and standards is audited by both internal and external auditors several times a year.

The Scope of Approval Covers the Following Aircraft Types

  • Daher TBM 700, 850, 900, 910, 930, 940, 960
  • Cirrus SR20, 22, 22T, 22TAT
  • Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian (M500) / PA-46-600TP (M600)
  • Piper PA-46-350T / PA-46-350P (M350)
  • Piper PA 23, 28, 28R, 32, 32R, 34, 38, 44, 46, 60 atd.
  • Cessna 100 / 200 / 300 Series
  • Bristell B23 Series

Daher TBM Authorization and Cirrus Authorization

The quality and high level of the work performed resulted in obtaining authorizations from the world's largest aircraft manufacturers in the general aviation category.

Since 2022, HLS has been an Authorized Service Center (ASC) of Daher (originally SOCATA). This authorizes HLS to service all newly manufactured TBM 700 / 850 / 900 / 910 / 930 / 940 / 960 aircraft and to deal with their warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repairs.

More about the TBM Maintenance

Since 2015, HLS has been an Authorized Service Center (ASC) of Cirrus Design Corp., which authorizes it to service all newly manufactured Cirrus aircraft of the SR20, 22, 22T series and to deal with their warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repairs.

More about the Cirrus Maintenance

Avionics Measurements and Diagnostics

HLS has its own testers of avionics systems and its own avionics personnel. Therefore, HLS performs all prescribed avionics measurements (IFR, XPDR, Pitot, Altimeters, Compass, etc.) and diagnostics of avionics and electrical faults itself. HLS also routinely performs SW upgrades and component replacements in complex avionics systems (G1000, G1000 Nxi, G2000 and G3000).

Maintenance Staff

Maintenance technicians are highly qualified and have got many years of comprehensive experience in TBM, Cirrus, Piper, Cessna and Bristell aircraft maintenance. In addition, their professional level is increased by regular trainings in HLS and, in the case of TBM and Cirrus aircraft, also by regular trainings by the manufacturer. The work orders’ administrative preparation and the work management are carried out by specialists with degrees in civil aviation and with the use of specialized software. The result is 100% quality and completeness of the work performed and maximum safety and reliability of the maintained aircraft.

Activities Outside of Routine Maintenance

  • Aircraft decals (emblems, registrations, flags, aesthetic elements)
  • Aircraft weighing on accurate aircraft scales, including preparation of a weight and balance report

Spare Parts

For the needs of the service center, HLS maintains a well-equipped stock of spare parts, thus minimizing the time required for the aircraft to spend in maintenance. All installed parts and components are accompanied by the appropriate certificates and are ordered directly from the manufacturers (TBM, Cirrus, Bristell) or authorized dealers (Piper, Cessna) of these components. Thanks to the language flexibility, HLS orders spare parts not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada and other countries. This reduces the delivery time to a minimum (for more information please visit “Spare Parts Sales”).

Documents on the Maintenance Performed

Each individual maintenance work order at HLS is accompanied by documents, copies of which are stored in the archive folder of the aircraft (for aircraft managed by CAO HLS). When the CAO HLS management is terminated, this archive folder is handed over to the customer, or they are handed over to the customer directly after each performed maintenance work order (for aircraft not managed by CAO HLS). This guarantees the traceability of the work performed and proves the origin of the built-in parts.

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