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In January 2011, the HLS approvals were extended with single-engine composite Cirrus SR series aircraft. Over the years, HLS has become the leading maintenance organization for the brand. The number of Cirrus aircraft has grown steadily as well as the number of HLS service orders on these aircraft.  In 2015, after longer negotiations and after several audits performed by the manufacturer (Cirrus Design Corp.), HLS was the second in the Czech Republic to become the Cirrus Authorized Service Center (for all models of the SR20, SR22, 22T, 22TAT series).

Thanks to this step, HLS is authorized to perform all warranty and post-warranty maintenance on all Cirrus models of the SR series. HLS is also authorized to purchase spare parts directly from the manufacturer and has been granted access to its technical libraries along with full technical support from the manufacturer.

From 2011 to the present day, HLS has performed more than a thousand service orders on Cirrus brand aircraft. HLS’s experience with Cirrus and its diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities are incomparable among service centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Contact for Those Interested in Maintenance

+420 606 790 881 info@hls.aero