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HLS has been servicing turboprops since 2010. The number of turboprop owners and operators has grown significantly since then, and the operators are increasingly looking for high-performance aircraft types – types that perfectly suit their needs, one such type being the TBM. Thus, the HLS approvals extension with this type was a logical step. In 2018 the HLS staff completed the appropriate trainings, ending with final exams, and in January 2019 HLS obtained the appropriate approvals. As a result, HLS became the first and (so far) only TBM service center in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Increased interest in TBMs among Czech and Slovak customers resulted in negotiations with the manufacturer (Daher) in 2022 and in HLS obtaining authorization as a TBM Authorized Service Center (ASC) for all models of the TBM 700/800/900 series, including the most modern modelsTBM 910 and TBM 960. Based on this, HLS received authorization to perform all warranty and post-warranty maintenance on all TBM models and also received authorization to purchase spare parts directly from the manufacturer. In addition, HLS has been granted access to its technical libraries and has its maximum technical support. 

Contact for Those Interested in Maintenance

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