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What Does Continuing Airworthiness Management Mean?

Continuing Airworthiness Management is a service related to an aircraft´s continuous supervision to ensure that all actions (maintenance, repairs, inspections, replacement of life-limited parts, legal actions etc.) resulting from the requirements for its airworthiness (requirements set by the responsible aviation authority, by the manufacturer of the aircraft or of its components, by service bulletins, by airworthiness directives, etc.)) are always performed properly and on time and that these actions are always performed by  organizations or persons duly approved to do so.

PART CAO Approval

Hradecká Letecká Servisní s.r.o. (HLS) is a PART CAO organization (Combined Airworthiness Organization) and is approved to manage the continuing airworthiness of Daher / Socata TBM, Cirrus, Piper, Cessna and Bristell aircraft. Compliance with all legally binding procedures and standards according to the issued approval is audited in the company by both internal and external auditors several times a year.

Holding this approval allows HLS to contractually take over the responsibility for managing an aircraft’s continuous airworthiness (CAO Agreements) from the aircraft operators and owners. Furthermore, it authorizes HLS to perform actions delegated to it by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority (CAA CZ), namely:

  • Preparation and approval of the aircraft maintenance program (AMPL) according to PART ML
  • Preparation of the aircraft maintenance program (AMP) for aircraft according to PART M (approval is given by the appropriate national aviation authority)
  • performing administrative and full airworthiness reviews (AR)
  • Issue and renewal of the Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)
  • Issue of recommendations to issue ARCs for CAA CZ and for other EASA member aviation authorities
  • Issue of Permit to Fly (PtF) for aircraft without a valid airworthiness review certificate


HLS provides the continuing airworthiness management service only to aircraft that exclusively use the maintenance services of the HLS service center.

PART CAO Scope of Approval

  • Daher TBM 700, 850, 900, 910, 930, 940, 960
  • Cirrus SR20, 22, 22T, 22TAT
  • Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian (M500) / PA-46-600TP (M600)
  • Piper PA-46-350T / PA-46-350P (M350)
  • Piper PA 23, 28, 28R, 32, 32R, 34, 38, 44, 46, 60 atd.
  • Cessna 100 / 200 / 300 Series
  • Bristell B23 Series


CAO Staff

The CAO staff is highly qualified and highly educated in the field of civil aviation. They have many years of experience in managing the continuing airworthiness of the above mentioned aircraft in the field of private flying (NCO) and special operations (SPO). The staff also have deep experience and knowledge in the field of managing the continuing airworthiness of commercial air transportation (AOC) aircraft.

In addition, they receive regular annual training to maintain and enhance their qualifications. As a result, the maintenance and other airworthiness- related tasks of the managed aircraft are managed smoothly and efficiently, minimising the worries of the operators.

Communication with the Operator and Early Notification System

Thanks to a unique software solution, any operator whose aircraft is maintained in the HLS CAO has instant access to all data and information critical to the continued airworthiness of its aircraft from any location on Earth. This HLS-developed early notification system provides the operator optimal awareness of the need for current or upcoming maintenance or the need to renew or extend the validity of important documents.

Performing the Airworthiness Review and ARC Issue / ARC Extension / Issue of Recommendation for ARC Issue

HLS shall perform airworthiness reviews only on aeroplanes that are managed by HLS CAO. Both full and administrative reviews are performed at prescribed intervals (full review once every 3 years, administrative review every 2nd and 3rd year) and, if the aircraft is found airworthy, the ARC is issued or extended or an ARC Recommendation is issued to the relevant Civil Aviation Authority. In specific cases, a check flight may be required as part of the review to verify the operation of systems while in flight.

A full airworthiness review is normally performed after the completion of the annual inspection at Hradec Kralove Airport. The check flight, if any, is normally performed with the pilot of the operator and the presence of an airworthiness reviewing inspector on board.


Upon request, we will connect you with some of our customers for you to verify the quality of work performed by HLS CAO.

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