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HLS provides aircraft parking service for a limited number of aircraft in the premises of its brand new hangar at Hradec Kralove Airport. The parameters of the hangar allow parking of aircraft up to the size of medium-sized BIZ Jets with a maximum take-off weight of approximately 12 tonnes, a wingspan of 23.6 m and a height of 6.0 m. The hangar is fully insulated and heated by underfloor heating, which guarantees ideal conditions for parking or storage of aviation equipment. 

Access to the hangar is provided directly from the public part of the airport. The hangar is equipped with bathrooms and toilets, and, if required, there is an office room available for flight planning and crew preparation, including a kitchen and free WIFI. There is adequate parking for vehicles in the surroundings of the hangar.

Aircraft handling and towing of small aircraft is provided by aircraft maintenance personnel either manually or by an engine-powered towbar, while a small pusback tractor with a qualified operator is used for large aircraft.

The aircraft are covered by the hangarkeeper´s liability insurance for the duration of the parking period. The aircraft are also insured against damage caused during their handling.

Hangared aircraft are under 24-hour video surveillance and all hangar areas are electronically secured.

Priority is given to parking larger aircraft (TBM, PC-12, B-90, B-350, Cessna CJ, Embraer, etc.) over smaller aircraft and long-term parking over short-term parking.

If you are interested in parking your plane in HLS, we recommend you get in touch as far in advance as possible as the hangar is consistently full year round.

Contact for Those Interested in Parking

+420 606 790 881 info@hls.aero