CAPS Reefing Line Cutters Replacement on SR22

12. 2. 2012

All Cirrus aircraft have been equipped with CAPS (Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System) to incresase the level of crew safety. CAPS basic components (parachute, rocket, reefing line cutters) are life limited. HLS is the only maintenance centre in Czech Republic which staff passed a specialized training for cutters replacement and at the moment is the only approved maintenence centre in Czech Republic approved to replace them. Line cutters life limit is 3 or 6 years since the date of manufacture according to the aircraft serial number.

Last week line cutter replacement was performed by HLS on Cirrus SR22. We would like to call all Cirrus aircraft owners and operators to check the reefing line cutters life limit on their aircraft. The average delivery time varies from 3 to 6 weeks from the date of order. The cutter replacement itself is done by HLS technician within 2 hours.


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