HLS celebrates 15th Anniversary

17. 10. 2023

Hradecká Letecká Servisní s.r.o. (HLS) celebrated its 15th anniversary in October 2023. During this time copany went a very long way, which was demanding in all respects, but very successful. Thanks to work of the highest quality, which  was, is and will always be focused on the safety of our customers and their aircraft, it has built an exclusive position among small aircraft services in the Czech and Slovak Republics. All this is underlined by the acquisition of authorizations from the DAHER (TBM) and Cirrus brands and the construction of our own large-capacity hangar at Hradec Králové Airport, designed and built with the installation of the most modern technologies, which ensure its high economy and maximum utility value.

The company currently employs more than a dozen employees in highly qualified professions and takes care of several dozen aircraft for domestic and increasingly foreign clients.

We thank all our customers and business partners for their patronage so far and look forward to further cooperation.

Vlasta Novák and Aleš Kurka

+420 606 790 881 info@hls.aero